How to READ the Bass clef easily

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How to READ the Bass clef easily

Isn’t it easier to READ the Treble Clef?  No.

It’s exactly the same thing.  For piano players they HAVE to know the Bass clef, but learning it is actually EASIER.  A full size piano is made up of 7 octaves, from C to B…(set of 2 and 3 black keys.)  The 4th octave is the start of the Treble clef and shows middle C.

So, let’s look at it.  The STAFF has 5 lines and 4 spaces, (look at your hand) whether it’s the Treble Clef or Bass clef.  Except remember, notes in the BASS clef are BELOW middle C.  Now do you know your musical alphabet?  A B C D E F G…that’s it.

For the lower STAFF there are 5 lines and 4 spaces.  The very first space (think of climbing a ladder, you start at the bottom)…what does the musical alphabet start with?  A…the lowest space (space 1) is A.  What does the musical alphabet end with?  G…top space (4th space) is G.

Try to remember that A and G are always together.  A B C D E F G  A B C D E F G…over and over again.  So, where G ends A begins.

The highest line in the Bass clef (line 5) is A…The lowest line in the Bass clef is…G.  ALSO, the Bass clef shows where Bass F is (line 4) and where Bass C (2nd space) is.  If you can remember that G and A in the Bass clef are both line notes AND A and G in the Bass clef are also both space notes.  Here is a FREE PDF to review space notes in the Bass clef

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