Reading Treble Line Notes on a Staff

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Reading Treble Line Notes on a Staff

Did you know that a STAFF is the set of 5 horizontal lines and 4 spaces and represent a different pitch in music?

Try this; lift up your right hand and angle it to the side so that your thumb is lower than your little finger.  Your fingers now represent the 5 lines of the STAFF.  The spaces in-between your fingers are the 4 spaces inside of the STAFF.

When reading notes on a STAFF always read from the bottom – UP.  Therefore we would have Line 1 …as your thumb, Line 2 … as your pointer finger, Line 3 … as your middle finger, Line 4 as your Ring finger and Line 5 … as your Little finger.

This Reading Line notes worksheet, 2017 is yours free to download.  Everything is always a little easier with visual aids.

Just as a little note, drummers use a percussion STAFF where the staff doesn’t represent pitches in music but the different percussion instruments they are to HIT.  Just thought I’d throw that in there.

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