How to Read the Bass Clef

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How to Read the Bass Clef

Are you a guitar student, or a violin student?

Are you a student that doesn’t need to learn how to read the Bass clef because your instrument doesn’t require it?  Well that’s great, but if you are writing a RCM theory exam then guess what…you have to know how to read the Bass clef.

But no worries…it is pretty easy to do that.  The staff for the Bass clef is really just different by two steps.  If learning the Treble Clef LINE notes with a rhyme:  Every Good Boy Deserves Fun….the Bass Clef Line notes starts with …Good Boys Deserve Fun Always.  Always read the staff from the bottom..up.  Like climbing up a LADDER.  (Did you notice there was a word..note, added..ALWAYS.)  Practice with the video below.  ALSO at the END of the video a free PDF is YOURS to download to help with visualizing the Bass clef.

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