Free Friday, Colouring Therapy

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Free Friday, Colouring Therapy

It’s Friday, or maybe when you’re reading this it’s not.  That’s okay.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter what day it is, it’s just ONE of those days.

There has been a lot of talk about colouring (coloring…if you haven’t booted the u) and the peace it provides.  HEY just like music.  The art of using our hands to create.  That is supposed to reduce stress. It’s supposed to connect us to our feelings (Hmm), reconcile emotional conflicts.  There have been many studies proving the benefits of playing an instrument so why not bring your hand to colouring.  All of us at one time or another have doodled.  That’s relaxing right? So again, what kind of day are you having?

With the new “Learning Piano With Aldolfo” method book, soon to be released, there are colouring pages and this is ONE of them I wish to share with you.  Hopefully the page will relax you AND for those who want to learn a little about music you will be able to learn how to draw the Treble clef.  How cool is that!

I do hope your day is a good one, I hope your week was a great one.  Print the PDF, grab some crayons or markers and colour.  If that glass of wine spills on your artwork, that’s okay, print another one.  🙂

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